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The International Institute for Deinoostriology is a privately owned personal development and research entity, specializing in behavior engineering hereinafter referred as the "Institute". The Institute’s primary mission is to conduct ongoing research for the development of methods, applications, and mental techniques, which can be used to synchronize the three elements of human existence. In addition, the institute also serves as a source of information for the general public, a distribution center and media outlet for its training books and CD's.

The Institute is comprised of 50 psychiatrists, psychologists, and selected individuals within the social sciences community throughout the U.S. Europe & the U.K..

The Institute also serves as the official hub, for its founder and director, Dr. Otis  Marks II, affectionately called DROM.  Dr. Marks is an expert in the field of psychology, who has revolutionized the industry with his groundbreaking developments in behavior engineering. As a multi-award winning motivational speaker, author, and researcher, Dr. Marks continues to mesmerize audiences through the world with his lectures, presentations, and seminars.

The primary funding sources for the Institute is by it's subsidiary concerns: iTV Marketing Group, and revenue generated from lectures and keynote presentations by it's founder.

The Institute is the only authorized entity to teach, distribute, and facilitate its newest discovery; Deinoostrics (DNT). Viewed in the industry as a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of behavioral engineering, DNT is the newest, most advanced, and most effective application in the industry for the attainment of maximum peak performance. This cutting edged mental application, when implemented, produces accelerated life-style changes necessary to maximize self-confidence, self esteem, professional growth, wealth building, personal relationships, physical health, spirituality; and DNT also fosters and maintains emotional well being.  In summary, DNT creates winners!

"Deinoostrics has literally revolutionized the field of behavioral engineering!  I strongly recommend it to anyone who desire to reach their highest level of achievement.  Dr. Marks has clearly demonstrated a superior knowledge of psychology, the human mind, and it's capabilities." 

                                                                                                                            Victor Schneider, PhD, Clinical Psychologist 

Deinoostrics (DNT) is a set of ideas, practices, and mental techniques designed to synchronize three dynamics of human existence to achieve a pre-determined goal or result. When implemented properly, Deinoostrics has shown to produce permanent lifestyle changes. 

Otis Marks II, Ph.D, the founder of the International Institute for Deinoostriology, coined Deinoostrics from the Greek stems “Dei” meaning Deity, Noos (Nous), meaning mind, and “Treis”, meaning Three.

Deinoostrics is categorized within the social sciences as behavioral engineering.  It establishes the ability for control and power within one’s personal reality.

Deinoostrics systematically teaches how to combine elements within the human experience in a series of three dynamics; three levels of consciousness, three laws of existence, three realms of existence, and three levels of personal power.



The logo used by the International Institute for Deinoostrics was originally designed by Dr. Otis Marks II in 1984.  As the young Marks dined at a restaurant called Wanda J’s Soul Food, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He sketched the image intuitively on a napkin without being aware of its meaning at the time.  Throughout his academic journey, he retained the sketched image but began to gain insight to what the image meant to him and how it applied to his own personal life.

In 1996, Dr. Marks opened a small research firm called New Birth, where he studied the behaviors of over 78 teenaged, “at-risk” children; it was then that he officially gave the image a status---The logo of New Birth. With the implication that, one’s previous position in life, environmentally, socially, economically, or psychologically, does not became a mandated fate of one’s future.  That every human being has the power to evolve to a higher level of existence, in other words, a New Birth.

The name of New Birth, reflecting Dr. Marks’ study of human behavior, began to evolve with each new development in his research over the following decades, but the logo remained the same, and retained the same meaning.  From New Birth, to Psychoneurokinethetics (PNK), to what is now known as Deinoostriology (DNT), the logo has remained a focal point and constant reminder, in the form of an image, the extraordinary capabilities of every human being.

The logo is comprised of essentially of a pyramid, human form, wings, and a star (below is the original 1984 design):

Today, the logo can be seen on all literature, materials, and apparel that The International Institute for Deinoostriology produces. 

Description of the logo.

Pyramid:  Pyramids were built from the beginning of the Old Kingdom to the close of the Ptolemaic period in the fourth century A.D.  They were built as tombs for ancient pharaohs or kings. The pyramid for the purposes of the logo represents the human body. It is the position of Dr. Marks that every human being inherently possesses the traits of royalty that has yet to be realized.

Wings:  The wings represent a great mythical bird called the Phoenix, who according to, The Feng Shui Handbook, feng shui Master Lam Kam Chuen, possessed great beauty, intense excitement, and deathless inspiration. The phoenix was a long lived bird that was cyclically regenerated or reborn. It is believed that on several occasions that this mythical bird was engulfed in flames only to later rise from its own ashes.

Star:  Stars are often used to symbolize heavenly bodies, purity and good luck. In dreams, a shooting star is a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement in life.

When the human being perceives that their existence is primary a physical one, their behaviors began to shaped and dictated by environmental factors.  The same holds true for those you have come to the traditional belief that there is a separation between the higher force of life and themselves; requiring a person, object, or thing outside of themselves to bridge the perceived gap.  The way one walks, talk and behave are all shaped by these beliefs and perceptions.  The true powerful nature in which one is created become then “buried” within their own physical body---metaphorically the pyramid.  This condition becomes self-limiting and inhibits one from reaching their full potential, or achieving maximum peak performance.

The essence of the human being, many refer to as a spirit, or soul, is part of a higher force of life; possessing similar qualities and attributes.  This higher force of life can also be seen in all living things.  Within the logo, this divine body of life is represented by the star.

If during one’s life journey, the human being becomes aware of their own powerful, divine nature and learn how to synchronize the remaining two dynamics of existence together, only then can their own true potential to become realized.  This truth will enable them to emerge from their own physical “tomb” (pyramid), of previous belief systems into a higher level of consciousness and power (star in logo).. Eventually, self-limiting thoughts will diminish.  Self-confidence, self-esteem, physical health, spirituality, and a sense of well-being will increase incrementally.  This human new birth of awareness gives birth to the symbolic wings in the logo.

The logo is symbolic and was designed to become a stimulus and trigger to the greatness and divine nature of the human being.

Deinoostriology makes it clear that the human Being is not a mere random creature who must helplessly submit to the whims of fate, nor an organism whose existence is confined to time.  Deinoostrics, the application, is a key that unlocks the door which enables one to return to his birthright as a sublime entity with an infinite capacity for self-improvement, with a power beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation.


Deinoostriology, Deinoostrics, Deinoostritherapy, DNT, increases personal power, increase motivation and have a sister application called Psychoneurokinesthetics, PNK.  Otis Marks II, PhD, is the founder and CEO of the International Institute for Deinoostriology and OTISSPEAK International, Inc.  He is considered the “father” of Deinoostrics and Psychoneurokinesthetics, both personal development techniques focused on behavior modification. 

He is a student in metaphysics and Philosophy.   As an Atlanta psychologist, who specialize in behavior modification,  Otis teaches the secret on how to eliminate fears and phobias, the most effective way to treat and cure depression, increase self esteem, the secret on how to increase self worth, self help, the best method for self hypnosis, reach your goals, effective way to increase personal power, the best way to meditate and pray using Deinoostrics and Deinoostritherapy, holistic health, treat and cure erection problems, how to increase improve and enhance sexual performance without drugs or prescriptions, using natural cures and foods, increase and improve memory, discover your purpose on earth, to become smarter, the best mantra in the world, yoga, Tao, Buddha, Christianity, Jesus, god, Allah, Yahweh, increase customer service, and how to reach maximum peak performance.  Dr. Marks is also known as the best life coach in Georgia, and the best personal trainer.  Dr. Marks also teaches the laws of power and the degrees of power.  Dr. Marks uses passenger information and when he travels he flies delta airlines, American airlines, continental, southwest airlines, northwest airlines, jetblue, US airways, airtran, or united airlines. Otis usually flies out of Atlanta Hartsfield airport and carries limited luggage and baggage.

DNT leads the Nation in behavior modification.  DNT literally creates winners.  Winners are not born, they are created. 


Dr. Otis Marks II has been called the greatest most powerful most effective and the best professional motivational and inspirational speaker in the world.  Including in Oklahoma, Georgia, California, Iowa, Alabama, Tulsa, Texas, Dallas, Arlington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Washington State, Nashville, Boston, Massachusetts, Chicago, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Spain, Russia, UK, Lafayette, Illinois, Buffalo, Albany, Long Island, Rochester,  Florida, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Jackson, Charlotte, Africa, Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Britain, Europe, Warner robins, Decatur, Atlanta, east Texas, new York, D.C., Virginia, Louisiana, new Orleans, Memphis, Hawaii, Jamaica, Baltimore, and Maryland.

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